Amanda raffaele still dating

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There was no computer activity for the entire night. There was a P2P program active, and Quicktime connected to Apple's servers on port 80 for 4 seconds at am, but that does not involve human interaction This is a problem for Raffaele and Amanda's version of events.

The claim that they were at Raffaele's all night is further contradicted by two witnesses that saw them near the cottage where the murder took place.

Raffaele Sollecito tried to assure Kokomani that there was no reason to be concerned by stating that Knox was only a girl.

Jovana Popovic, a Serbian student who knew Raffaele, came by his apartment to inform him that she no longer required him to give her a drive to the bus station.

Jovana did not see Raffaele, and she was told he was in the bathroom by Amanda. While we can't confirm anything in the alibi after pm, they do offer elements that we can show to be false.

Curatolo testified that when they left he went to the edge himself to look over and see what was so interesting, but he didn't see anything.

Curatolo could not state the date that this happened, but he was certain that it was the day before the forensic police arrived making it the night of the murder.

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