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Arab countries need to focus on creating strong national identities that can trump all other allegiances.

The Arab world’s cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity should be regarded as a strength rather than a weakness.

Further, without more holistic policy approaches that begin to address the root socioeconomic and political causes of the Middle East crises, it is difficult to see an end in sight.

Given the enormity of the challenges, it can be tempting for despondent populations to withdraw from politics and focus on personal security and for policymakers to focus narrowly on security and counterterrorism threats.

Through an examination of the complex, interconnected changes occurring within and across the human, political, and geopolitical landscapes, the project hopes to offer policymakers—both in the Arab world and the broader international policy community—a more nuanced understanding of the underlying causes of the region’s profound instability.

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Drawing on a network of scholars in Washington, Beirut, and across the Middle East, the project looks at the socioeconomic upheavals facing the Arab citizen, the institutional pressures on the Arab state, and the changing geopolitical realities of the Arab region.Certainly, these threats are real and deserve considerable attention, but the social, political, and economic grievances—above all, the demand for human dignity and justice—that gave rise to the Arab uprisings six years ago are not going away.This report is intended to generate a discussion on the vital need for new directions in the Arab world.Enshrining these freedoms early on will both ensure a smoother transition process and reassure citizens that their basic rights will be protected by their governments.This, in turn, will promote stronger identification with the state among citizens.

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