Are dating websites pathetic

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So yes i'd like to see all dating sites shut down, and go out of business, and for things to get back to the way they use to be!!!

Men/ women aren't articles of clothing, jewelry, or things like that!!!

The date, if it happens at all, takes place in the real world…

and is usually unsuccessful.* The problem is, you simply can’t know whether you’re compatible with someone until you’ve actually met and shared some experiences.

But the first company to get it right will make a fortune.

* In my humble opinion, one reason first dates fail is because they’re often “coffee dates”.

It’s an extremely inefficient, time-consuming and frustrating process. In real-world dating, the participants actually experience things together.

They interact naturally, converse, and get to know each other’s quirks (both endearing and annoying).

All dating sites are is trouble and causes problems!!!Dating sites gather basic data and allow users to sort potential matches by criteria such as: The problem is, there’s only a weak correlation between shared interests and compatibility. Like saying they’re into hiking, when they haven’t been in years.) To allow for more personalization, dating sites let you post written profiles.Here’s your chance to describe yourself and tell the world what you’re looking for. Except that most people can’t express these things very well. On existing dating sites (Lava Life, Plenty of Fish,, etc) you don’t date online at all.Rather, you search and email (and possibly IM) online.

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