Bdd 2016 updating deploy point zti

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So, let’s start from the beginning: When you use the MDT Toolkit (standalone, with WDS, with SCCM, it does not matter) the toolkit will as a part of the process run a script called ZTIGather.wsf, this script will do an asset inventory and also read the file.

Then go to: Software Library Import Computer Information You can import from a file or just a single computer. It will fail, but SCCM should find the computer info and create a new computer entry in SCCM with the same name as the imported one.To add PXE boot support, go to the distribution point in the configuration manager and enable PXE. When adding WSUS role be sure to not select “WID Database” just use “Database” and make sure it can connect to your SQL instance.option 6 in DHCP should be set as dns server ip Folder Redirection Problems In Windows 8 I'm putting this near the top because it caused us a lot of problems.If you experience problems with folder redirection in Windows 8 SCCM 2012 may be to blame.When you enter your administrator account for the domain join you will most likely click the "Verify" button. SCCM encrypts the passwords for accounts and it breaks when you verify the account.Just make sure you type the passwords really carefully and click okay. If you need to reboot for an application install make sure you re-enter audit mode after the reboot. The Start Menu for Windows 8/8.1 is at "C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" For staff computers I find it helps avoid confusion when there are less icons on the start menu.

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