Dating men in wheelchairs david deangelo internet dating profile response

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How can you accept a partner and be completely comfortable with her if you aren't with yourself. ) personal questions for you that would be crass to ask.Once you start to look past your chair you'll see alot of women willing to be with you. I would want to know the extent of your impairment, if you are capable of intercourse, of toileting issues---SEE?When it came time for me to pass the helm, he was a natural choice.Lot of people liked him for who he was, and after getting over the initial, natural hesitancy we all have when dealing with handicapped people, a lot of those people became good friends of his. Just comes down to exposure and who you are, I guess.

Perhaps you could approach POF about starting a forum area for people in your situation?

Now i know that im not every girls type and yes i know im not attractive to all women but come on there has to be another reason.

I would really like other peoples opinions on this subject and i would like everyone to be honest even if it hurts my feelings. That's because we live in a world with selfish, callous and shallow people.

They are missing out on you dude, but they miss out on a lot. expanding my searchs, to 100 miles local and ages going to go up to 20 to 60 soon, but I have about 50 more e.mails to send out, at my rate of typing and thinking about 4 days and filtering them into my cicrle of friends.

Massive numbers of fish out there and you can fish all day long and all night just be patient and the fish will come to you in time.

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