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The rest of the group comments on the accuracy of their assessment and gives advice.Two Dreams defines recovery as happening in three phases: “Coming In”, “Looking In”, and “Looking Out.” During the “Coming In” phase, clients establish a trusted support system of peers and staff members.For example, clients who are “people-pleasers” might exemplify this by constantly validating the comments of others while keeping their own stories to themselves in order to avoid potentially causing conflict.These instances serve as opportunities for the group leader to make suggestions and to give the client insight into habits that might need alteration.They learn to acknowledge their addiction and reduce incentives to use in the future.In the “Looking Out” phase, clients have the tools needed to succeed and develop lifelong healthy habits.They add structure to chaotic lives and provide a safe environment in which to practice newly developed skills.

Clients will oftentimes subconsciously demonstrate actions in group therapy that are representative of their routine patterns and thought processes. Use your insurance or pay out-of-pocket for your doctor recommended tests. Care Advisors available M-F 6a-9p | Sat 7a-9p | Sun 9a-9p CST to answer any questions.We'll arrange a call with a doctor if your results require further explanation.The doctor will prescribe treatment, or connect you to care in your area.

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