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You are not to blame whatsoever in your relationship with your teacher.

He is % wrong since he is abusing his role as a I'm dating my teacher? I'm 18 and sleeping with my married teacher, will I wreck both our lives? She is lonely and writes: 'I've tried online dating, but have never had. California Teacher in Relationship With Student Arrested for Sexual Assault "[He's] my best friend.

I'm 18 and, over the summer, became embroiled in an affair with a much older man, who was once my teacher.

We developed a close friendship at school, but it was strictly platonic.

Afterwards, we met as friends but, after a few meetings, became lovers.

I'd had a mad crush on him at school, and so at first could not quite believe that he was finally 'mine'.

I love this wonderful man, too - when I'm with him I feel so complete. I'd planned to go to university, but decided not to bother because I felt too depressed and unstable to contemplate study.Recently, I’ve been in touch with a teacher (in his early 30s) from my high school.We always had a good relationship and have gotten lunch a couple times in the past but we’ve definitely moved past that.Now pain has overtaken pleasure, leaving me feeling confused and lonely. I'm not a horrible home-wrecker after cheap thrills, but I couldn't control how I felt about him.I'm racked by guilt because of his child - but not his wife, wrong as that may be.

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