Little black book on sex and dating

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In a tribute to the long term effects and influence of Blaine's leadership, hundreds of young people that grew up under his ministry are now serving in full time ministry themselves.

It is intended to help couples spice up their repertoire or re-ignite their sex life.

Might we remind you of a little thing from WAY back in the prehistoric pre-cell phone days: the "little black book." The idea behind the little black book is still here today, except instead of listing names and landlines in a small book hidden somewhere in our bedrooms, the contents of our little black books are on our Instagram, Snapchat, or i Phone contacts.

The ISBN for Every Teenager's Little Black Book on Sex and Dating is 9781577944560.

It made me question myself and really understand how much different my life is from others around me.

I never realized how much Christian dating was different from the way the world dates. It has not only changed my views on life and gave me the strength to carry on, but it has helped many of my friends as well.

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