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By far and away most of these are entry level 5 string instruments, yet the basic construction for tenor, plectrum and guitar banjos is similar with a different neck and number of strings, so the information here applies to them also.Basically the importer could (and still can) specify a brand name and have it put on an banjo. Crowe models that were frankly better than the then current Gibson product (1981) and arguably equal or better than the originals from the 1930's. The importer could specify what he wanted, and there were/ are at least 30 quality brands and over 100 others.

The brown line between the gold tone ring and the resonator flange is the wooden rim.(1) Regal (1) Reimel (2) Rettberg & Lange (1) Robin Smith (2) Robinson (1) Ryan B.Title: Prewar Gibson Mastertone Banjos Description:Prewar Gibson Mastertone Banjos Prewar Gibson Mastertone Banjos Trying to identify your old Gibson banjo? The Gibson Mastertone banjo set a standard of excellence among Keywords:serial number, serial numbers, serial number lookup, serial number search, factory order number, factory order numbers Discover website stats, rating, details and status online.However, practically any banjo can be adjusted to sound "pretty good", and be playable. The Gibson construction is common because Scruggs, Reno, et al played one, but there have been many other quality brands built in the USA in the past and today. I still have a few entry quality instruments, and they sound like me when I play them.Some of my other ones of course do sound a bit sweeter.....

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