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His expressions of nervousness and fright are hilarious. Nothing too offensive, a bad word here or there but nothing major.

One thing the film never gets into is what Hitch makes for a job like this, as I wonder how much something like that could be worth in monetary value. Hitch reads her well and makes his way in, until she discovers what is is he actually does.Is from: Chile Works in: Chile Claim to fame: Chilean television and soap operas. Claim to fame: Los Teens Fun fact: Although gaining fame through Telemundo's popular series Los Teens.Fun fact: Fuente hosted the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2011, and has appeared twice on the big screen in the United States: alongside John Travolta in Basic and with Sylvester Stallone in Driven. The Miami-based actor has also made appearances in The Punisher, House M. Also, before breaking into American cinema, Bichir did theatre as a child in his home country. His most recent role was in the Brazilian TV series Guerra dos Sexos. Is from: Argentina Works in: Argentina Claim to fame: Argentine television and cinema Fun fact: Furriel was part of a theater company for many years before breaking into television.

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