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templates/# OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing short usage notes name: The name of the chart (required) version: A Sem Ver 2 version (required) description: A single-sentence description of this project (optional) keywords: - A list of keywords about this project (optional) home: The URL of this project's home page (optional) sources: - A list of URLs to source code for this project (optional) maintainers: # (optional) - name: The maintainer's name (required for each maintainer) email: The maintainer's email (optional for each maintainer) url: A URL for the maintainer (optional for each maintainer) engine: gotpl # The name of the template engine (optional, defaults to gotpl) icon: A URL to an SVG or PNG image to be used as an icon (optional). Unlike Helm Classic, Kubernetes Helm uses version numbers as release Version: The version of the app that this contains (optional). deprecated: Whether or not this chart is deprecated (optional, boolean) tiller Version: The version of Tiller that this chart requires. Packages in repositories are identified by name plus version. But non-Sem Ver names are explicitly disallowed by the system.

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In Helm, one chart may depend on any number of other charts.This should be expressed as a Sem Ver range: " directory. NOTE: Whereas Helm Classic and Deployment Manager were both very Git Hub oriented when it came to charts, Kubernetes Helm does not rely upon or require Git Hub or even Git.Consequently, it does not use Git SHAs for versioning at all. If the latest version of a chart in the repository is marked as deprecated, then the chart as a whole is considered to be deprecated.= "sha256:5a391a90de56778dd3274e47d789a2c84e0e106e1a37ef8cfa51fd60ac9e623a" example. If verification fails, the install will be aborted before the chart is even pushed up to Tiller.The service makes it easy to establish a chain of trust for a cryptographic identity. Prerequisites: If a verification fails, there is reason to distrust the package.

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