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Rachel Mc Guire Often, during the series' run, Cory and Topanga talk about the fact that they've dated since the age of two but in the early episodes, they are not dating.

Then he starred in a few TV movies and a miniseries titled, "Wild Palms".

And Then There Was Shawn Feeling Like A Fool (2/27/1998) 107.

Poetic License; An Ode To Holden Caulfield (11/20/1998) 123.

Police said a relative, Ledoris Randle, told officers she received a call from an unknown man who said the girl was being held against her will and had threatened to harm her.

Lancaster police and FBI agents arrested two men Saturday, Devontae Owens, 24, and Laquon Wilkerson, 30, during their search for Shavon.

Shavon Randle had been missing for four days and was identified as one of two people dead inside the house in Dallas' Oak Cliff area, Eric Jackson, special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI, said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Shavon's relative Ledoris Randle was dating 22-year-old Kendall Perkins, who allegedly stole a large amount of drug from Owens and 26-year-old Darius Fields.Will we next be seeing Senator Savage or Superstar Savage! The name of the High School on Boy Meets World was, "John Adams High". William Daniels who was cast as the school's principal, George Feeny, also played the part of revolutionary and future President, John Adams in the 1972 historical movie, "1776". 'We're going to continue our investigation and anyone we find that were involved in this heinous crime against Shavon, we will bring you to justice and we will hold you accountable.'The area around the small one-story home was cordoned off Sunday morning.Investigators placed evidence markers around the front yard and people in hazardous materials suits could be seen entering and leaving the home.

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