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Hopes remain in scientific efforts to discover the DNA of the mummy, although the process is taking longer than expected.

Homo Sapiens represents the last of a long line of hominin races that once consisted of five different species spanning four continents.Tests include histological analysis on the mummy's tissue and its changes.Study is also being made on histochemical and biochemical features and the research on stable isotopes.Exclusive pictures from Siberian Times show Korean scientists from Seoul National University, headed by leading international expert Professor Dong Hoon Shin, working on the human remains at the Scientific Centre of Arctic Research.Russian expert Dr Sergey Slepchenko, from Tyumen, said: 'The main thing is that this mummy was preserved naturally and the internal organs were not removed, unlike with artificial mummies.' Tissue samples will reveal a mass of information about how this 800 year old boy once lived.

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