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“We don’t have special protections,” he told the Chicago Tribune.

Steven Shatkin, president of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told that a registry in his state should be created in a “common-sense” way, making an argument that echoes the debate over the broad scope of sex offender registries, which list people whose crimes range from public urination to sexual assault of children. There are offenders who intentionally kill or torture animals, or who are engaged in dogfighting.

In the case of a child born to an unmarried couple, the name of the father may only be recorded in the entry of birth if both parents are there to sign the registration together or a declaration of paternity is produced. An unmarried father who registers the birth of his child jointly with the child's natural mother, and has his name recorded on the birth registration form, acquires parental responsibilities for children born on or after 15 April 2002.

For female couples in a civil partnership, where the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 applies to the birth, either parent can register the birth.

Tennessee started the first statewide registry in January, although it still has just three people on its list.

If both the mother and the father want the father’s name to be recorded on the birth entry, you should complete application form GRO 12.

Retailers have protested the idea of putting salespeople in the position of saying no to potentially violent customers whose names pop up in an online search.

That concern led the Florida county to require stores and adoption shelters to procure only an affidavit, which can be checked against the registry — and passed along to authorities if there’s a match — after the customer leaves. Chicago commissioner John Fritchey, who proposed the Cook County registry, likened it to asking bartenders to turn away drunk patrons.

[Hillary Clinton wants you to know what she thinks about animals] And the tool is not without its detractors — some of whom include animal advocates.

The chair of the Hillsborough County’s Animal Advisory Committee called the registry there “not sufficient at all,” according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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