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Neddy Smith liked his beer in middies - at least 30 of them a day.

When he moved from VB onto Jack Daniels it could make for a quite a lively evening if Abo Henry had shifted up to rum.

They had been drinking with him there only minutes before Chubb was shot dead around the corner, outside his mother's home one morning in November 1984.

Even closer to the Captain Cook than Mrs Chubb's home is the Lord Nelson - scene of countless massive Smith-Henry drinks, and one act of stupid gunplay by a hanger-on called Harvey Jones.

Once outside, Smith's companion lined up five or six of Mc Cann's bouncers at gunpoint against a wall, while Smith took a baseball bat from his car and flogged each one till he fell.Smith is serving life for taking Jones from the hotel and putting two slugs into his chest.It was from the Cauliflower in Waterloo that heroin dealer Barry Croft was summoned by telephone in August 1987, intercepted on City Road near the Lansdowne and shot dead in his car.Smith and Henry survived the decade but their criminal careers did not. On December 15, 1988, he started drinking over lunch and boxed on at the Epping instead of going home.He was then off to the Five Dock to get properly on the drink.

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