Who is mindless behavior dating 2016

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2013 Prodigy=16 (didn't lie about his age) Ray=17 Prince=16 Roc=15 (didn't lie about his age) Still love em even though the shiz was untruthful but had to be done cause of the trippin fans atleast they tellin yall wassup now! birthday's and ages of the Mindless Behavior boys are the following: 1. On January 6, 2017 he announced that he's gonna be a father.He's dating Jahmia Jackson a distant relative of the Jackson.R&B foursome, Mindless Behavior, is performing at the Citizen’s Bank Arena Saturday in Ontario California.Band members Roc Royal, Prodigy, Princeton and Ray Ray have been travelling around the country performing from city to city, keeping their fans happy and up to date on their latest recordings.Latimore is known for his songs “You Come First,” and “Like Them All.” He has also been in several commercials and starred in his first film “Vanishing on 7th Street starring Hayden Christensen in 2011.Tickets for Mindless behaviors performances are available here.

Before joining the group, Ray Ray used to dance with Tommy the Clown until he left his program to be in Mindless Behavior.

Ray Ray has said that he is mixed with African-American, Indian, and Belizean.

Another trait that Ray Ray is noted for is the fact that he speaks his mind and is often blunt when it comes to his opinions, whether it comes to his friends or fans Ray has also stated several times that he loves all girls because they are all cute in their own way.

Rayan Lopez, who is also known by the name Ray Ray, is a talented rapper from United States who has just touched his 20s. He is now aged 20 years old and he has an average height. In 2008, he became the member of Mindless Behavior along with Roc Royal. Edit Though Rayan is now just 20, it’s been almost a decade he has been pursuing his musical career.

He is also popular for being a member of the highly successful American boy band Mindless Behavior. Rayan Lopez was born in the mid 1990s in Los Angeles, California, United States of America to Keisha Gibson. Their debut album Number 1 Girl was released on 20th of September 2011. In 2008, he became the member of Mindless Behavior along with Roc Royal.

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